FC Circular services 20 suburbs within North East Victoria and the Albury region with our Doorstep Recycling Service. Casual Collections are the ideal option for a household that requires a less frequent collection of their recyclables/reusables or has a higher volume that occasionally cannot be covered with our Subscriptions! One collection unit is what we call ‘A Crates Worth’ (being roughly 70-80L worth of your recyclables and reusables. Picture 3 full shopping bags or a medium sized box filled to the brim. See the below pictures for reference). From here, the contents are sorted and distributed to the parties who ensure each item is recycled, upcycled or reused!


You now have a good idea of what FC Circular collects & of that list you can start putting aside to bundle up into a doorstep collection. We like to keep it simple and ask three things: 1. Place the following in a jars/vessels within your crate to avoid cuts, breaks and items falling out: Bread Clips, Light Globes, Razor Blades, Steel Bottle Caps 2. Label indistinguishable items (Reusable/Non-Reusable, Item Type, Gender, Size) 3. Group the same items together as this ensures a faster sorting process


Once your collection is ready for a pickup go ahead and book in your Casual Collection(s). We will pickup your collection from your doorstep on the closest date listed below. Orders placed on or after this date will carry over into our next service of your suburb. 

Collection Schedule

3. Doorstep

You will receive a friendly SMS reminder the night before to remind you of tomorrows collection of your items. Pop your full collection(s) at your doorstep before 8am the following morning.

4. Forget

FC Circular will collect your items from your doorstep between 8am and 5pm. We'll do the dirty work for you and distribute your 'rubbish' for recycling, upcycling and reuse!

Book Your Collection


$16 or $12 per 'Crates Worth' when two or more are booked!