The Mission

FC Circular is thinking long-term as we provide other-than landfill solutions to currently inevitable waste streams. Making it easy for households & organisations to get these many waste streams into the right hands in one swoop creates meaningful change that multiplies as we connect with more & more proactive individuals. This is what we are working to achieve within households and organisation’s!

1. Making the recycling & reuse of everyday items convenient and effective for you

The contents of one collection may require more than ten different organisations to ensure each item is reused or recycled - that takes time! FC Circular strives to make the experience of recycling & reusing each item collected as straightforward as possible for every one of our users.

2. Keeping the energy and value of each item in our economy rather than simply leaving it to further clog our landfills and pollute our environment

It is clear that our planet resources are finite. Every unit of energy that can be kept in use through recycling & reuse is of the utmost importance & a key focus for us. The outcome is that less material will sit in landfill.

3. Encouraging conscious participation in what we call Proactive Sustainability...Doing what you can environmentally with your given means at this given moment

An individual can really only impact what is in their circle of control, be that their household, school, business or workplace. FC Circular wants to champion the proactive individual who drives environmental change within their life, operating within a frame of Proactive Sustainability to improve their environmental efforts and the environmental efforts of those around them one change at a time.

What We Have Achieved
So Far With Your Help

Our Progress